Why KidMin Care?

Kay and Kathy have a passion for helping children’s ministry be the very best it can be. They each have over 40 years of experience in all areas of children’s ministry. They have led all ages of ministry and several programs including:

  • VBS
  • Children’s Choir
  • Family Experience
  • Sunday morning ministries
  • Baby Praise
  • Summer Camp

They have experience building a children’s ministry.  When they were hired at their most recent church, the ministry had 50 children, birth – fifth grade.  They led growth of the ministry to over 700 children with an average weekly attendance of over 550. Kathy and Kay can help you learn to train up leaders and volunteers. They can help you implement leadership strategies and structures, focused on growing your ministry and empowering your volunteers. They are also available to lead a training event for your volunteers, or speak at your volunteer appreciation event, casting vision and encouraging your leaders. 

They have experience in launching portable campuses and in creating incredible new spaces due to church growth and building projects.

They have built Family Experience Environments from scratch at two churches.  Both were incredibly successful.

They have experience in the major children’s curricula, including:

  • Orange (Kathy is one of the regular contributors to the First Look Blog)
  • Group
  • David C. Cook
  • Gospel Project

However, they do recognize that the curriculum is just a tool, their philosophy of children’s ministry can be used regardless of the curriculum a church uses.

If you want to learn from two of the best and most experienced children’s ministry directors click below to contact us.

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